Head Pimples

Published: 29th May 2009
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I believe many of us who have gotten acne in general before also have experienced head pimples on the scalp. Head pimples are different from the normal ones. They are small inflammed areas around hair follicles caused by huge amounts of oil opened into the hair follices. They are not the same as normal pimples but are actually inflammed hair follicles.

The problem varies in nature but all variations still results in the same old small and inflammed pustules which are usually noticed when you comb through your hair and feel a pain when the comb knocks onto the sore bump. They tend to get infected easier than pimples on other parts of the body due to the amounts of oil and sweat on the scalp.

What causes head pimples? Firstly, the usual oil causes it. However,
micro-organisms like yeast, mites and staph bacterium that thrive on the scalp can also lead to the head pimples.

Yeast caused head pimples are the more cumbersome ones. They might be stubborn to lotions and shampoos. A doctor will prescribe oral and topical antibiotics to deal with it, and in severe situations, steroids. Other than that, head pimples are easy to deal with just by taking care of your hygiene with a salicylic acid based shampoo. However, care must be taken when using such shampoos because they are a combination of SA and BP (Benzoyl Peroxide) where both are drying to the skin and can adversely affect the hair itself.

Stay clear of sulfur containing products as abrasions on the skin of the scalp can take place and worsen the pimples. Remember, just by having a good hygiene regimen for your head is normally good enough to get rid of those head pimples!

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